Gish Box Set Might Be on Hold?

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The Smashing Pumpkins official website is currently reporting that the Gish Box set might be on hold pending the outcome of the lawsuit brought on by James & D’arcy.

Read more about it here.

Billy Corgan talks to L.A. Time’s about watchmen trailer. Also talks about G.L.O.W.

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Are you surprised at the reaction online from some young “Watchmen” fans who have never heard “The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning,” let alone the Smashing Pumpkins?Honestly, I don’t really keep up on what the world is doing or saying anymore. The word on the street seems to be, from what my friends tell me, that the use of the song in the trailer is intriguing to them and has created some excitement around it.

What has been Smashing Pumpkins fan reaction toward the use of the song in the trailer?

My fans seem to be confused when the outside world appreciates our work, so I can only imagine this terrifies them.

What are your personal thoughts on “Watchmen?”

Before this I’d never heard of the “Watchmen” series, but from what I’ve seen it looks very interesting.

Who approached you to use the song and do you think it’s a good fit?
I just got a call one day asking if I was cool with it, and I was surprised because it’s a version of that song that never seemed to get any notice. Months before the trailer was released I kept hearing from friends in the movie business that they loved how the song worked with the images from the movie. I love the way it’s used in the trailer. I’ve asked the movie people if it’s possible we could release it as a music video. Still waiting on that one. Certainly the massive jump in on-line sales seems to indicate it might be worth it for us and for the movie.

Finally, when can we expect to hear “G.L.O.W.” or any other new SP material?

Just finished recording “G.L.O.W.” in Memphis at the famed Ardent Studios and hope to release it in early September. We feel we have finally turned the corner with these last 2 releases (“American Gothic” and “G.L.O.W.” to come) where it’s starting to feel like our music again, and not theirs, whoever “they” might be. Have plans to start recording a new multi-year, multi-release concept album by the end of this year. It will be very trippy and hopefully unique, and we’ll probably keep putting out singles here.

– Charlie Amter


Billy Corgan sues filmmaker

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Billy Corgan is suing Lester Cohn of Pure DV Productions for $100k.

You can read more about it here. Or feel free to discuss it on the message board.

Interview with Jeff Schroeder

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Smashing Pumpkins touring guitarist, Jeff Schroeder took time out to talk with the pumpkins media militia’s Hack as well as some other Smashing Pumpkin fans.

Wayne Arnold asks:
“I’d like to know what songs are your favorite to play with the band and which songs you hope to play that SP hasn’t pulled out yet.”

I really enjoy playing songs off of Adore and Machina, which is interesting because they were the two albums that took the longest to grow on me. I’ve always had a soft spot for Pennies off the Zero single, so that would be my choice for a song we haven’t played yet.

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Welcome to the New Netphoria!

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After 10 years of the old design I thought it was time for something new and fresh.

As many of you know the old site has long been suffering with inadequate updates, dated content and info, etc. I had always planned on updating the site and launching something newer but struggled with getting anything done and as the years started to go by the site began to rot. Part of the reason was simply I had lost interest, also the fact that the old site was not dynamic/automated made it difficult to keep things updated on a regular basis.

I hope everyone likes the new look of the site, I tried to keep it dark and familiar. The new site will once again have the latest Smashing Pumpkins news, information and tour dates. The photo album has been enhanced and expanded upon and the videos pages has been updated. More new content and features will be added in time. I will also be looking at ways to integrate the Message Board more into the main site.

A special thanks to MonteLDS for helping me get things rolling again.

– Andrew Pakula

D’arcy & James Iha sue Virgin Records

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TMZ has broken the news that D’arcy and James Iha are suing their former record company. The former bandmates are accusing Virgin Records of negotiating a deal exclusively with Billy Corgan for Smashing Pumpkins music that has been distributed through “new technology” methods (ringtones, downloads, etc.) without their consent.

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Smashing Pumpkins announce that G.L.O.W. is Finished

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The official Smashing Pumpkins website has announced that G.L.O.W. is finished and ready for the airwaves this September.


Netphoria Ticket Sales

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Some fans of the Netphoria community had bought additional tickets for the upcoming August shows and are willing to sell them for face.

Check it out!

the Watchmen Trailer includes The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

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here the director explains why he chose the songJoin the ongoing discussion about this news on the forums

NEW: talked to Billy about the beginning is the end is the beginning being in the Watchmen Trailer

SP.COM: “The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning” is one of the most synthetic-sounding Pumpkins tracks, yet the Batman songs were concurrently recorded with very raw-sounding Adore demos. How did you put the song together and what technology did you use to achieve the effects?

Billy Corgan: Honestly, I don’t remember, other than trying to merge the ‘band’ sound with a synthetic approach.

SP.COM: The sessions that TEITBITE and TBITEITB came from also inspired remixes from Rabbit in the Moon, Fluke, andNellee Hooper. Who else worked on these songs with you in the studio? Do you recall any particular reference points for or influences on the song, either sonically or conceptually?

Billy Corgan: My main focus was to write a track that would capture what I thought was the original feeling of Batman from the comics in the 40’s where he was a darker character. The lyrics to the two versions reflect that idea.

SP.COM: Back in 1997, you spoke about the “Batman and Robin” songs as being fairly specifically inspired by the character of Batman. What are your thoughts about those songs now, over a decade later, and particularly given that this song has been repurposed for “Watchmen”?

Billy Corgan: Fans never seemed to care much for those songs, so I am pleasantly surprised that they have been found to have some value somewhere, and that maybe this will give those tracks a second chance. I always thought it was a good song and that the slower version was really well done.

read the full article here

New Smashing Pumpkins Tour Dates

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the Smashing Pumpkins have just announced an additional tour date in Florida on Aug 19th. As well as a tour date for Knoxville, TN for Aug 13th.

For more all the latest Smashing Pumpkins tour information see the tour date section or join the discussion of the tour on our Message Board

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