Statement on the Music Garage Incident (stolen photos)

Ξ May 17th, 2007 by Andrew Pakula | → 0 Comments | ∇ Billy Corgan, Netphoria, Smashing Pumpkins |

As many of you are aware there was an incident here last week where an individual posted stolen pictures from the Smashing Pumpkins when they were rehearsing at the Music Garage. What this person did amounts to theft and band takes this very seriously as does Netphoria. I know everyone here is hungry for more information on the new album but this is not the way to go about it. Nobody here should condone or be supportive of the actions this individual took. It is unfortunate that the person choose Netphoria to leak these stolen works, Netphoria has always been a free and open forum without hard censorship but obviously in a case like this a line was crossed and I will not tolerate actions like this which is why numerous posts and threads were deleted last night. The band requested the stolen pictures be removed and I believe they are well within their right to do so. Anyone posting these pictures on the board, posting links to them or including them in your signature will be banned as a result. Despite this ugly event there may be some good to come out of it, some lines of communication have been opened and hopefully Netphoria & the Pumpkins will be able to offer something for the fans here, stay tuned…. – Andrew Pakula

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